“My focus is on ensuring an atmosphere that is conducive to creativity, based on respect, empowerment and recognition of the value of each person in our projects.”

  • Diogo Noronha

    After a course at the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts, in New York, Diogo Noronha worked in world-famous restaurants such as Pure Food and Wine and Thomas Keller’s Per Se*** , as well as Moo* in Barcelona, supported by the Roca brothers and Jordi Villa’s Alkimia*.

    He returned to Portugal in 2009 to set up the Pedro e o Lobo project, where he remained until he was invited by the Mainside Group to open the restaurants Casa de Pasto and Vinharia in Cais do Sodré, in 2013.

    In 2015 he opened the gastrobar Rio Maravilha in Lx Factory. These projects led to a Time Out chef of the year award in 2015 and El Mundo referred to him as one of the six chefs who were revolutionising Portuguese gastronomy.

    In 2016 he accepted the challenge from Rui Sanches to create a new, bold, unique and differentiated concept in Lisbon.

    That is how Pesca was born


  • Claiton Ferreira
    .head pastry chef

    Born in the capital of Brazil, in 1982, Claiton Ferreira’ love of desserts was inspired by the talent of his mother. He began by studying at the highly-regarded Anhembi Morumbi University, in São Paulo, later moving on to the Centro Superior de Hotelaria y Turismo in Valencia, Spain. He has worked at Mugaritz and Martin Berasategui, in San Sebastian (both with two Michelin stars), Casa Fasano and Empório Moema in São Paulo, as well as Submarino, Alejandro Toro and Ben Fet in Valencia.

    In Lisbon, he has worked with chef Diogo Noronha since the opening of Pedro e o Lobo, having also worked at Casa de Pasto and the gastrobar Rio Maravilha. His recent personal projects include a study of the different types of chocolate in the world, a project that combines his passions for travel and for cocoa.

    Recently he has studied old leavening techniques to create an exclusive bread for Pesca, where he will be presenting a series of desserts inspired by the Cosmos.

  • Fernão Gonçalves
    .head barman

    At the age of 27, Fernão Gonçalves is one of the most creative bartenders in the city, having been considered bartender of the year at the Bar Awards 2017.

    His adventure in mixology began while he was still a Design student, when he was challenged to work as a barback for some of the most renowned bartenders at the time. He has worked at emblematic locations such as Pensão Amor and later, now in partnership with Diogo Noronha, at Casa de Pasto and Rio Maravilha. In 2015 he was one of the winners of the Perspectives Global Challenge held in Cognac, in France.

    At Pesca, to create a bar with its own style, although perfectly in line with the restaurant’s food, he went into the kitchen and, as is his custom, brought peppers, grilled pineapples, carrots and peas for his signature cocktails, guaranteeing tremendous versatility from welcome drinks to parting gifts.

  • Glediston Santos

    Born in Linhares, Brazil, Glediston Santos (38 years old) is the right-hand man of Diogo Noronha. He graduated in Business Administration, passing through a Plastic Arts degree, but it was the passion for cooking, inherited by his grandmother, who set his course.
    Interested in learning more about his roots, Glediston Santos decided to live in Portugal for two years. It’s been already 13 years. For 3 years he worked with Chef Luís Suspiro, 3 others with Chef António Buó and in 2014 he began to work with Diogo Noronha. They both have the desire to achieve a more sustainable gastronomy, discovering new ways to reduce the environmental footprint.

  • Francisco Guilherme

    Born in Lisbon, the 32 year old Francisco Guilherme has returned to work with Diogo as a sommelier, after working together at the late Pedro e o Lobo.

    He started by studying design, but his restless and curious spirit led him to the United States, where he lived between the ages of 18 and 20, and where he invested in mixology training. However, the passion for wine, inherited from his grandfather, who ritualized each open bottle, would eventually impose itself. With working experience in emblematic restaurants in Lisbon such as Alma, Francisco Guilherme promises to surprise Pesca’s clients with new experiences around wine.

  • Marco Moreira

    His Algarve accent, which he proudly makes a point of maintaining, reveals his origins. Born in Lagos in 1977, Marco Moreira spent his youth enjoying the beautiful coastline and in the family restaurant where he developed a passion for table service. Although he always knew what would make him happy, to please his parents he spent three years in college studying electrotechnical engineering. He eventually dropped out of school after obtaining his bachelor’s degree and decided to chase his dream: a career in the restaurant business.

    He emigrated to Germany where he lived for a decade, studied hotel management, refined his professional skills, and learned all the secrets about the renowned German proficiency. In 2012 he returned to Portugal and, after having worked at some restaurants in Lisbon, he joined Grupo Multifood in 2018.

    Through a lucky coincidence, he became a shift chef at Pesca restaurant where, a few months later, he was promoted to director. He says that his biggest challenge is ensuring consistent customer service and finding a perfect balance between German proficiency, which he defends, and friendly welcoming table service. Now reaching the 20th year of his career, Marco Moreira acknowledges that he prefers more demanding clients because those are the ones who motivate him to continuously excel in his profession.

  • Inês Feijão

    The punishments she was given at the age of 16 set the course for Inês Feijão, born in Lisbon in 1987. A natural rebel, Inês was so wayward that her father punished her by making her work in the kitchen of her stepmother’s take-away.

    Inês, who already liked cooking for her four siblings, discovered that this was her true vocation. When the time came to choose a career, she decided to enrol on the Specialised Course in Gastronomy and Culinary Arts at the Escola Superior de Hotelaria e Turismo in Estoril, starting by working as a cook at several restaurants.

    She first moved on to restaurant management at Pedro e o Lobo, where she worked for three years, followed by Cantina Ministerium where she was head waitress and manager. In 2015 she joined Multifood as shift leader at Sala de Corte. She is currently supervisor at Sala de Corte and Restaurante Pesca.


“If you feel prepared for this challenge we stand with open arms to grow together.”