Considered among the best in the world, Portuguese fish is the focus of this new restaurant, conceived by Diogo Noronha, taking a fresh approach to traditional Portuguese ingredients and highlighting the wealth of Atlantic food. With total respect for ingredients, and enhancing the diversity of flavours of the sea and mountains, the concept of Restaurante Pesca is aligned with a firm commitment to sustainability as the path to follow, with the consistency of unparalleled service and with innovation as a differentiating factor in an ever-changing world.


In our products and ideas. Everything that we put on the table is the result of a careful process of selection of each ingredient to guarantee maximum flavour. But freshness can also be found in our ideas, for which reason we decided to go beyond the conventional and make each creation in this project something surprising.


We want each experience at Pesca to be better than the previous visit and for this we have a highly professional team, committed to growth and motivated to welcoming and serving our customers.


We aim to build a relationship with local producers, we respect the cycle of nature through the use of seasonal products, we carefully manage our use of energy resources and we encourage the recycling of all waste.


“If you feel prepared for this challenge we stand with open arms to grow together.”